5 Train Travel Tips for Train Riding with Toddlers

Airline tickets are expensive for adults, and if you have children over the age of two, then you will need to pay for a ticket for them as well. However, if you travel by train, not only will you save money on adult tickets, but on children’s tickets as well.

The secret to traveling with a child is preparation, and these tips for traveling by train will make it less stressful for you and your son or daughter.

Here are five best travel tips for riding with toddlers (Source: Pixabay)

Book a Sleeper Car

If the trip you’re booking is for overnight or longer, then consider booking a sleeper car for you and your child. It is a private car that usually has at least two beds and a toilet. It would provide more privacy and security that you want for your family.

A sleeper car also has other perks like turndown service, meals for each passenger, and a private window. Keep an eye out for specials on sleeper cars when booking a trip. Also, remember to ask for a discount on your child’s ticket.

Get there Early

Instead of arriving on schedule for boarding the train, get there early, so you can be among the first people in line. Doing this will allow you to get the first pick of seats.

The best ones for a family are the seats that face each other. They provide extra room for small children and allow everyone to stretch their legs during the trip.

Take Some Entertainment

Being on a train for hours will only be so entertaining for a young child, so you need to bring toys, games, or books to occupy their time. If they have a portable game system, considering taking that along with you and buy headphones for it if your family is seating in coach.

Another good idea is to bring snacks and drinks for everyone because on most passenger trains there are no food or drinks available. Traveling with a small child can be challenging, but if you are looking for more excellent resources for traveling tips, you can also check out mytravelingbaby.solutions.

Maintain Routines

Being in a new place can be exciting for small children, so they may have difficulty resting around their nap times. To help them get the rest they need, and to keep them from melting down due to being tired, arrange the seat or sleeping area like their bed at home.

Take their favorite pillow and blanket with you on the trip and do the same things that you do at home before nap time. Routines provide consistency, which can be reassuring for children.
Being in new situations can be overwhelming for adults, as well as children, so being consistent can help them.

Explore the Train

Don’t just sit and watch the scenery pass by but get up and explore the train with your child. They can visit the dining car if there is one, or the dome car, which is mainly glass to view the amazing scenery of the areas in which you’re passing.

Exploring it will satisfy their curiosity and give mom and dad the chance to stretch the kinks out of their bodies. Besides, if mom or dad have never been on a train trip, it will also give them a chance to explore the train.

Traveling with a small child needn’t be overwhelming. Just plan and take items to occupy them and snacks to satisfy their hunger. Doing this can keep temper tantrums to a minimum and make your trip more pleasant.

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