5 Ways All Drivers Can Proactively Reduce the Risk of a Vehicle Accident

Being involved in a vehicle accident is no joke and can result in a serious injury or even death. Even if you survive a vehicle accident without an injury, you might end up paying heaps of money for your car repair.

Luckily, drivers can prevent car accidents by taking a few simple steps mentioned below:

1. Stay calm and avoid distractions

Whether it’s your phone ringing or your friend talking next to you, either stop your car and answer your phone or ask your friend not to distract you.

Distracted driving is often a cause of a car accident, albeit road aggression and rage remains the leading cause of all vehicle accidents. When you’re angry at other drivers, it’s hard to stay calm.

However, if you value your life – not to mention other people’s lives – learn how to tame your anger and reduce your stress instantly.

2. Be weather wise

We can’t predict exact weather conditions, but we can at least know what to expect today. Before you run the engine, check out the weather. Wait out a storm or back off when a road is covered with ice and snow.

Also, make sure your car is ready for each season. Check out your tires, electrics, water, oil, and any issues you’ve recently noticed your vehicle might have.

3. Be careful with blind spots around trucks

Blind spot accidents are sometimes hard to avoid – even if you’ve been driving a car for years. Blind spots generally exist for each big truck, including a tractor-trailer, garbage truck, dump truck, and a tanker truck.

In order to avoid an accident, ensure you drive within the speed limit created to maximize the ability of a driver to stay away from any potential collision. Moreover, make sure your rear-view mirror is adjusted correctly.

4. Have an exit to get out of the road in case of an accident

When a car accident happens, you should have an out to maneuver your vehicle in order to avoid a pileup.

Many drivers forget about this risk factor and find themselves trapped in the centre of a vehicle accident. Regardless of where you are driving, keep this risk factor in mind.

5. Avoid following too close

Unless your car has the new technology that helps to prevent you from following another car too close, you should always be aware of a safe traveling distance – especially at highway speeds. For example, two trucks should drive at the safe following distance between more than 500 feet.

The point is, you should give another driver enough space to be aware of what’s happening behind and in front of them. When you don’t follow too close, you have a higher chance of escaping an accident.

These are just a few actions you can take to proactively decrease your risk of a vehicle accident. When you drive, keep in mind that even if you have excellent driving skills, there’s no guarantee that you won’t be involved in a serious accident.

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