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Families and Our Lives: Our family is the most important component that shapes our entire lives. Good, bad, or indifferent, the influence of our family is here to stay.

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Green Building With utility bills going up everywhere, families need to take control of energy in their home. Green-building knowledge for new or remodeling, house or apartment.

Roots Continuity of family is important to all children but it probably becomes more important to children who do not live near relatives and family, children of very small families, and children of a broken family or home. They need to feel they have "roots" or an extended family.

Certainties There are four certainties about families: families give us our most intimate relationships, families have the greatest influence on a young child growing up, families are changed each time a child is born, and divorce or death is a major change for a child in any family. Families have endurance.

Rules Rules are limits on what we can and can’t do in a family. Every family knows its own rules and the rules endure. They are the law of the clan. Kids obey the rules or ???

Family Personality Cousin Niles sent this family personality text over: Just for fun in your family!

Family Photos and Ancestors What do you do with all those pictures you have collected of ancestors?

The Organized Family Organization is something that can benefit an entire family or anyone in a family.

Discipline Styles and their Results There are three main forms for disciplining children and all families use some variation of these styles. The different discipline styles have different results in children’s behavior.

A Mother’s Story of Her Child’s Mental Illness One mother tells her story of her son’s mental illness, then gives recommendations for further information.

Keeping a Sense of Family We are all anchored to a vast network of family relationships, family patterns, family rules, and various roles played by members of our family. This is the family personality and the family system. Parents need to keep a sense of family for their children.

How Fit Is Your Family? The five basic components of physical fitness for your family are cardiorespiratory or aerobic endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength,flexibility, and body composition.

Family Memories Try a family memory book to keep a sense of family alive for your children and your children’s children. Ask everyone in the family to contribute.

Yoga as a Family Exercise Hatha Yoga is the yoga of physical well-being, designed to balance body, mind, and spirit. It is a wonderful exercise that all members of a family can enjoy.

Walking as Family Exercise Walking is beneficial to all members of a family in many different ways: cardiovascular fitness, musculoskeletal strength, flexibility and suppleness. It is an exercise family members can do together for life.

Families Eat Meals Together Eating together as a family is important from a young age. It becomes particularly important for the physical and emotional health of teens.

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