Keeping Family Memories Alive

Family: Try a family memory book to keep a sense of family alive for your children and your children’s children.

Keep a family memory book. Ask everyone in the family to contribute–from aunts and uncles to grandparents–and, of course, your own children.

Every individual identifies with the family. Take time to make the people in your family feel that their family is a special one.

Send each child (and maybe each family if you have children by more than one spouse or are doing these for children or your divorced children) a loose-leaf notebook for storing the pages.

The book can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Color copies of important family pictures.

2. Collage. Make a collage of pictures of various family outings and memories. Go to the local color photocopy store and make each child a copy. You can also scan these if you have a really good color printer.

3. Jokes or cartoons. Remember to give credit to the contributor of each joke.

4. Drawings by the kids.

5. Short stories or poems by the children.

6. Wonderful letters by the children.

7. Awards the children have won.

8. Newspaper clippings mentioning someone in your family or of interest to your family.

Get your own mind going. You know your family!

Periodically, copy the new entries and mail copies to each child or family.

Make certain your family stays ‘together’ by taking the time to make it happen.

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