5 Ways Games Can Help With your Child’s Development

Video games have become hard to ignore. What was once strictly the domain of computer nerds that used to require advanced technical knowledge to access, has now become easily available to anyone. It is making a significant mark on pop culture as we know it. It might be tempting to limit your child’s access, considering the many dangers connected to the online world of gaming, but the fact of the matter is that you’d be simply cutting them off from an entire branch of art and entertainment that could have positive benefits for them.

There is also a lot to miss out on if you try to limit access. Video games have a lot to offer in terms of boosting a child’s development. Even games that are not explicitly designed to be educational can help your child grow. Here are 5 ways in which games can boost your child’s development.

1. They help build social skills

There is a prevalent stereotype that gamers are loners without any social skills, but the truth of the matter is that games can actually help build your child’s social skills. It turns out that, statistically speaking, children hardly ever play games alone and oftentimes talk to each other as they play and watch each other play games all the time.

Then there’s the matter of multiplayer video games. A popular game of this nature is League of Legends. Whether it’s cooperative or competitive video games, games of this nature require good communication between players in order to fulfill their goals. It often can help develop their capacity to work as a team, as well as, being a good sport in the event of a lost match. If you’re looking to help your child get into the online gaming scene, you can buy cheap League of Legends accounts all around the internet. With an LoL EUW account, your child can enjoy all the benefits that multiplayer games bring.

2. They’re a means to improve critical thinking and reading comprehension

Many parents find it difficult to cultivate a love of reading with their kids, however, the level of engagement that they get once they’re immersed in a video game can be incredibly beneficial. Plenty of games today have deep, thoughtful narratives that may be easier to digest while still introducing core literary concepts that will help develop a child’s critical thinking capabilities.

3. They offer a healthy means of stress relief

It’s important to be careful with this point, as while a little bit of escapism can be healthy, over-reliance on it can be unhealthy. But with a responsible parent by their side to help them know their limits, children can greatly benefit from the stress relief that video games bring. There are plenty of nonviolent titles, such as Stardew Valley, that can help your child relax.

4. They help cultivate technical skills

Video games are the perfect gateway to developing technical skills. Kids are particularly drawn to technology, so exposing them to video games can make it much easier for them to grasp more difficult systems later on. To a particular note, role-playing games and strategy games – with their advanced systems, teach children a lot of hard skills that will definitely come in handy in the future.

5. They provide children a means to safely explore ethically and morally complex situations

As we’ve mentioned before, many games nowadays have intricate stories. These stories have one advantage over other forms of media – their interactivity. It’s only through video games that children can actively participate in a narrative and make their own decisions, and it’s not unusual for these choices to be morally or ethically complex. This, in turn, helps develop a child’s sense of empathy.

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