How to Handle Vehicles in a Multi-Generational Family

Do three or more generations live under the roof of your family home? Living together with a big family can be fantastic but it could also mean a lot of stress over simple things like vehicles. Rather than have one family car, multiple people might need their own car to help manage their individual lives. Here are some of the best ways for you to handle the issues of cars with a multi-generational family.

Assign Roles

The easiest way to handle family vehicles is to assign roles based on the cars and the driver’s needs. For example, if you teach your teenager to drive, they can be responsible for things like taking any siblings close to them in age to school to ensure that everyone is going to get there on time.

Likewise, anyone with a pet needs to have a car that can be used to transfer them to the vet. If Dad wants a big family dog, his car needs to be able to comfortably transport that dog around.


Buying individual car insurance policies for each family member can be very expensive. It might be better for you to look out for policies that benefit the group over individual drivers. If one of the parents owns a business that requires multiple vehicles, it might be worth looking into fleet insurance for businesses which would also allow coverage for personal vehicles.

Fleet insurance typically offers coverage for companies that use multiple vehicles as part of their services. However, you can sometimes find policies that offer the same coverage to private vehicles as well. By finding such a policy that covers everyone, the family as a whole might save quite a bit of money on their insurance premiums. Just make sure that you find a policy that does indeed allow private vehicles to be insured alongside commercial ones.

Take Advantage During Holidays

Planning the ultimate staycation for a holiday? With multiple cars per family, it has just become that much easier. Instead of having to navigate busy airports or train stations with a large group, you can instead, just pack up the cars and go. Any luggage can be split between all the vehicles, as well as, splitting up any bickering family members. Will your children keep stop arguing about who gets the window seat? By sending them off in different cars, you can solve the argument and let everyone get some peace and quiet on the trip.

Having multiple vehicles will also benefit you once you have reached your destination. If someone is not interested in heading out on a certain activity, they can go somewhere else instead of being stuck where everyone else in the family is. This way, everyone will have a little more freedom.

Though maintaining multiple cars for your family can be expensive, the benefits can often outweigh this cost. Focus on the needs of your family and what they might require from the car. With the right management and a fair understanding between all drivers, there is no reason why your multi-generational family cannot easily manage as many cars as they need. Start looking into the right vehicle for your family now.

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