Family Fun: How to Do an Escape Room

Escape rooms are popping up constantly all over the world. In fact, there are more than 2,300 escape rooms in the U.S. alone.

And, it’s no wonder why escape rooms have become so popular. They’re a unique activity that everyone can enjoy. And best of all, participating in an escape room game is extremely affordable.

Are you looking for a unique way to spend some time with the family? Consider a night out at an escape room. But before you try it, you’d probably like to know what they’re all about.

Check out this guide to learn how to do an escape room.

What is an Escape Room?

First things first. What exactly is an escape room?

For those who don’t know, it is a game that involves a group of players working together to discover clues, accomplish tasks, and solve puzzles in order to progress through the game and “escape the room”.

The reason it’s called in an escape room is that you’re “trapped” (don’t worry, you’re not actually locked in there) in a small room until you figure out the complete puzzle.

But, what makes an escape room really interesting is that you only have a certain amount of time to complete the puzzle- usually, an hour.

How to Do an Escape Room

Now that you know a bit about what an escape room is, let’s take a look at what you can do to win in an escape room.

1. Assemble the Right Team

Winning an escape room all starts with assembling the right team. Now, many people think that assembling the right team means getting together the smartest people they know. However, this isn’t always the case.

Instead of getting together the smartest people you know, we suggest getting together a group of people who work well in teams. It can also help to assemble a group of people who think differently, as this will increase your chances of solving the clues.

Also, although most escape rooms allow 8 to 10 people, we suggest assembling a team of 4 to 6. Any more, and you’ll have too many cooks in the kitchen.

2. Understand the Rules of the Room

Before you begin the escape game, it’s very important that you understand the rules of the room.
For example, there are usually certain items you shouldn’t touch in the room. By touching these items, you risk disrupting the game and messing up a puzzle, which can slow you down and cause a lot of confusion.

If you have any questions about the rules, don’t worry. You’ll be able to speak to a game master via a speaker if you need any rules clarified.

3. Keep an Eye on the Clock

An hour goes by much faster than you think. To make sure you’re not spending too much time on one clue, be sure to keep your eye on the clock. If you get stuck on a clue for too long, move on and come back to it.

4. Divide and Conquer

While it can be tempting to all hover around the same clue, we suggest dividing and conquering the room. This way, you can move through the puzzles faster. If you get stuck on a puzzle, ask for someone else to come take a look at it while you search for more clues.

Are You Ready to Escape an Escape Room?

Now that you know how to do an escape room, it’s time to assemble the right team and find one in your area.

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