How To Keep Your Kids Safe From Online Predators & Phishers

As parents, we have mixed emotions surrounding the reality that our kids are ‘digital natives’; indeed, they are more informed and entertained than we ever were at their age.

But it also means that they are more prone to danger than us! While wandering in the enticing dale of the online world, our child might end up encountering predators and modern hunters called hackers.

And it isn’t okay!

Make no mistake, the Internet is a dangerous playground for people of all age, gender, and status. From unethical content, malicious comments to lurking predators and phishers, this playground is more like PUBG game –  Player Unknown’s Battleground. You don’t know who your enemy is, where is it and when will it attack you? And more than anyone else, according to phishing attacks statistics, kids’ are more susceptible to the dangers of this daunting world.

You, as parents, have the responsibility to save your kids from hackers and predators who are nothing but skilled liars who look out every possible means to trap them. Here’s how you can save your kids from falling to lies of these liars:

Awareness About the Dangers:

Today’s toddlers are more tech-savvy than most of their parents. They know how to surf the internet, use different apps and make social media profiles. They rely on digital means to study, communicate and get entertained, which means that they spend most of their time on  digital media.

But they don’t know the dark side of this enchanting world, so becoming its victim is so easy for them.

It’s essential to talk to them about different aspects of online safety, the possibility of online hazards and how they can be avoided? Don’t wait for them to become adult; talk to them as soon as they start using digital gadgets and the internet.

Develop a Strong Bond:

Many problems arise when parents don’t build a strong bond with their children. Kids hesitate to share their problems with their parents because they don’t believe in getting a positive response. And mostly they end up getting down deep in trouble and becoming anxiety patients. And that’s where things like alcohol and drugs come in their life as a means of temporary escape.

When parents work on building reliable and a strong relationship with their kids, they will share their problems with them, like any online threat or bullying. This way, parents can handle the situation before the problem gets bigger and uncontrollable.

Limit the Exposure:

Let’s admit that today’s parents also play a huge role in increasing digital dependence of their kids. They handover digital devices to their kids whenever they act cranky, and the truth is that they stop being annoying right away. The digital world is that interesting! But this habit of parents makes them digital users at a very young age. And once they grow up, they end up becoming totally addicted to it. Stop this behavior right now!

Make sure that you don’t inculcate digital media usage habits in your child. Even if you can’t stop them totally, at least limit their usage time so that once they grow up, they don’t turn into digital media freaks. And less encounter with the online world also means less possibility of exposure to predators and hackers – safe living.

Check their Activities:

Some parents believe in giving full freedom to their children without any check. Well, it might be one of the strategies to build confidence in your child, but not always. In this digital world, this strategy can be dangerous. Even if they are looking at something as innocent as browsing mermaid decorations for their room they may run into some kind of predator on these forums.

Sometimes, despite all your awareness and security tips, your kid can fall in the casting web of predators and hackers.

It is better to monitor your kid’s online activities – search their browsing history, follow them on social media, check their cell phones. But make sure that you don’t offend them while monitoring. Do it in a very subtle way so that they don’t start hiding things from you.


The online world is a dangerous world – with predators and hackers hiding in its nook and corner. You never know when they entrap your kid in their malicious tactics. Make sure to pull up your parenting strategies to save your kids from them. After all, your kids are your biggest assets – you can see them getting in any dreadful trouble!

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