How to Teach Kids Yoga: A Guide for Beginners

Statistics from the business world have indicated an increase in the sale of yoga DVD for beginners. The obvious translation is that there are more kids doing yoga poses today. Yoga has proven to be very beneficial to teachers and kids alike. It’s now common to teach kids how to do yoga at a young age. Although learning can be challenging at such a young age, it is possible for them to be successful. Here are some tips that could help in teaching kids yoga.

1. Have a Lesson Plan

Even with informal education settings, the teacher must know what pose to teach the students at a given point in time. You do not want to be the teacher who wakes up to whatever pose the gods hand over. Having a kids yoga lesson plan will enable you to assess and evaluate the progress you are making with the little trainees. The teacher should know what to teach them at the dawn of every day and what they ought to have learned at a certain point in time. And we insist that it is essential to ensure that whatever poses the teacher sets out to achieve in every session is completed. Remember, the teacher shouldn’t overwork the bodies of the little ones; they are still kids.

2. Make the Sessions Memorable

Children can have a short memory. They are likely to forget most of the poses the teacher gives them in a course. For instance, explaining yoga poses to a kid under five years of age could prove to be a job in vain, as the kid will barely master the complex words or even correlate them with the poses. So teaching yoga poses to kids should be well strategized. The teacher should be able to understand the ability of the children.

3. Consider Including a Song

Research has shown that teachers who teach via songs make more memorable lessons than teachers who use narrations and wordy explanations. Moreover, teachers’ songs are valued if associated with a particular flow that seems to ease work, including yoga poses. Anyway, having a song to sing along during yoga pose sessions with kids helps imprint unforgettable memories in the mind of the kid. The teacher hence comes out great, and the kids have a better chance of remembering the yoga poses for kids as they sing along the process.

4. Bring along Some Visual Stimuli

Since as a teacher you are dealing with kids, drawings and portraits of poses can help. For instance, a visual representation of a kid’s yoga sequence is very likely to help them get the expected poses compared to verbal instructions from a teacher. Kids love a stimulating environment. Even getting toys or miniature action figures of celebrities in yoga poses could help the kids to learn.

5. Interact with the Kids at their Level

Children value a teacher more if they appear to connect emotionally with them as they pose. They are more likely to hold back and decline to pose if the teacher comes across as authoritarian or strict. Go for the crazy teacher personality, who makes poses entertaining. Teachers who bring along some yoga games for kids and play with them tend to be more productive. Make them feel at ease with you.


Ask any yoga teacher about working with young ones, and they will tell you it can be a daunting task working with children. They are hyperactive and can sometimes seem out of control. But with a good teacher, they can also make perfect yoga trainees. The most important aspects to remember are to maintain a good connection with them so that they can follow your lea and focus on making the lessons memorable.

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