Marriage After Having Kids: 3 Tips For Planning A Memorable Wedding

Approximately 55% of millennials aged 28 – 34 years old have their first child before marriage, according to the American Enterprise Institute.

There’s nothing quite exciting like planning when your daughter’s a junior bridesmaid on your wedding day. As parents, dancing and taking photos with your toddler or teen during the big day, is one of the best memories you can create.

However, planning a wedding ceremony while juggling your kid’s needs is overwhelming. And with all the uncertainty caused by the current pandemic, the process can be more stressful and confusing.

Fortunately, with a few tips and the right attitude, you can host your dream wedding with kids in tow.

Seek Inspiration Online

Ideally, you want your marriage ceremony to be unique, but in sync with the latest wedding practices in terms of venue, decor, and guest capacity.

Therefore, make use of the internet to seek wedding plan ideas.

Once you have gathered ideas, personalize them to make the event standout. For example, you could host a virtual celebration in your home, at the beach or park, or during a dinner rehearsal.

Like most newlyweds, live stream your wedding. That way, friends and family can follow via mobile devices as you exchange your vows, dance, and make a toast.

Also, allow the kids to take part in the cake cutting and first dance. The key is to ensure every aspect of the event is child-friendly in terms of food, beverages, and entertainment.

Use Online Shops To Your Advantage

Buying your engagement rings online should be your number one priority because it’s convenient and less stressful than shopping around town.

While the process might be intimidating, there are many benefits you’ll enjoy.

This includes a variety of choices and competitive prices for diamonds and other luxury rings.

You and your partner will also have the opportunity to design your bands and verify certification without leaving the house.

Aside from wedding rings, buy attires and other accessories online. Start shopping for the bridal gown, groom’s tuxedo, kid’s outfit, and accessories weeks or months ahead of the event.

This trick will help you get high discounts and enjoy timely deliveries.

Get The Kids Involved Throughout The Process

Involving kids in your wedding plans is an important step you shouldn’t overlook. Throughout the planning stage, create room for your children to share ideas.

If your kid loves shopping, ask their opinion regarding the wedding rings and outfits. Older children can assist with searching ideas online, designing your wedding website, and preparing the menu.

During the celebration, regardless of how intimate it might be, younger kids can act as flower girls and ring bearers. They can also recite a poem, sing, or dance to make the event fun and memorable.

Having kids doesn’t mean you can’t organize a memorable wedding event. You only need a positive attitude and involve them throughout the planning process.

For instance, ask your kids to help with wedding details, such as the theme, bridal outfits, and rings.

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