Amazing Tips To Protect Children Online

Whether it be mobile phones, computers or tablets, most children start using the internet at earlier ages because they live surrounded by technology.

Even if you want to delay their access for as long as possible, it has become increasingly more difficult to avoid it. The screens have sneaked into our lives and to those of our children, so much so, the WHO has had to indicate the maximum hours of use for children under 5, due to the negative effects that the screens can have on sleep and physical activity.

According to a recent study (New pornography and changes in interpersonal relationships), carried out by the Youth and Social Inclusion Network and the University of the Balearic Islands, at least one in four men has begun to consume pornographic content on the Internet before the age of 13 years and, most alarmingly, the average age of access to porn for the first time, has advanced to 8 years for the easy access to mobile technology.

Given this scenario, it is essential to use tools to protect children on the internet and prevent them from accessing inappropriate content for their age.

Experts recommend parents to use parental monitoring apps to keep an eye on their kids’ online activities. There are many options available in the market but the one most preferred by the majority of parents is FamilyTime app.

With these types of applications, you will have access to all the information to protect your children from the dangers of the Internet such as inappropriate content, cyberbullying, online predators or even internet addiction. These types of applications not only allow you to control access to the online habits of minors but also lets you adjust daily usage limits and completely monitor everything that is done from the phone. Parents can monitor the contact book of their kids, their call records, their SMS history, their web behavior, their app preferences, their visited locations and much more. There are also many control functions such as Geo-fencing, screen time limits, app blocking, internet filters etc.

It’s important to help parents monitor their kids’ activities and take controls where needed. If you wish to try all above-given features and other premium controls, go now to the app store on your phone and get the app from there.

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