The Top 15 Baby Essentials For New Parents

There are a lot of questions that will arise when it comes to baby equipment. It is great when you have friends or relatives who had kids before you because they can share their experiences. However, if you aren’t that lucky, then it’s easy to end up thinking you need everything that exists on the market. And let’s be honest, today you are surrounded by advertisements for baby items sending you a message that you absolutely cannot survive without each of these products.

The truth is, there are things that are necessary to buy. For example, when a baby is ready to go swimming, you’ll need things like proper swim diapers. But there are also going to be plenty of things people don’t need when it comes to baby essentials. One thing people wonder about the actual need for baby swim diapers. A lot of pools nowadays insist that babies have a pair of the best diapers for swimming to prevent potential bathroom accidents.

Needless to say, many of us have been in the same place as you are now. Therefore we compiled a list of 15 baby essentials to help you understand better what is required for the happy and healthy life of a kid.

Bassinet or Cradle

Many pediatricians agree that babies younger than 6 months should sleep in the room with their parents. Nowadays many people struggling with having their own space. But a bassinet or cradle is a super convenient bed for your kid while having them close to you.

Swaddling Blanket

Swaddling is an old practice that is coming back to fashion. Many people think that it is cute to see a baby wrapped in a blanket. However, swaddling is actually designed to keep your child feel safe and secure.

Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is a useful item that enables you to do a bunch of other things with your baby being close to you. There are different options, varying from wraps and slings, to buckle and backpack carriers that you can choose depending on your particular needs.


Going for a walk with your newborn is way better when you have a good stroller. We know that thinking about all the essentials you might feel that buying everything will get you broke. But keep in mind that having a high-quality durable stroller is something both of you will surely appreciate.


It’s hard to imagine how cool and practical swings can be before you get one. Newborns simply adore being in them and they get to be amazed by soft music and hanging stuffed animals.

Car Seat

For those who travel a lot by car (which is probably most people), this is an absolute must-have baby item. Make sure that the car seat you choose meets all the safety requirements before buying it.

Baby Bottle

This is without a doubt one of the most crucial items that your baby will need. There are a lot of variations of baby bottles, so it can be very tempting to buy all the different types of bottles for your child.


There have been some contradictions on whether it is really necessary to sanitize the baby bottles (and nipples). Nevertheless, our advice is to do it regularly in the first month of your child’s life to avoid any kind of health issues. The best and quickest way to disinfect feeding items is by using a reliable bottle sterilizer.

Breast Pump

A breast pump is a true lifesaver for all moms who have to go back to work shortly after giving birth. If you want to give your baby natural milk but your schedule is making it difficult to breastfeed frequently, then this is definitely something you will want to consider.


Going to the store just to get your kid’s food can be sometimes frustrating especially if you have a bunch of other things to do. So making a small stock of formula in your house can come in handy, so you can focus on spending more time with your baby.

Nursing Pillow

This is a back saver item for sure. If you are breastfeeding try using a pillow to support your spine. You will see that your back will be eternally grateful for this gift.

Diapers and Wipes

Needless to say, you will need a lot of those. So if you think you have enough, equip yourself with more (you won’t regret it).


Baby cream is a mixture of water and oil and the main purpose of it is to protect the baby’s sensitive skin from any kind of irritation or dryness. The best ones should be thick but not too greasy. They are very important for keeping the child’s skin moist and healthy.

Baby Clothes

Baby clothes are super cute, and you’ll be very tempted to buy all of them at once. Around 10 baby onesies, some undershirts, sweaters, and jackets are what will keep you covered for some time and then you can start adding things as the baby grows. Of course, don’t forget the socks and pajamas.


Reading is proved to be extremely beneficial for your baby’s development. Pediatricians agree that you should read to the baby from day one whenever it’s possible. There are a lot of great books that both you and your child will surely enjoy.


Shopping for baby stuff can be overwhelming, even if you enjoy buying things. Hopefully, this guide was helpful in giving you some direction. Good Luck!

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