Unique & Cute Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Naming your new bundle of joy is a monumental decision – this is the moniker they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Back in the days of old, naming was super easy and often depended on tradition. Nowadays, it seems there’s a sort of competition to see who can come up with the most unique name for their baby.

Before you name your little one Chair or Appleseed to stay ahead of the game, consider these beautiful and unique names that will give your baby an edge without naming them after animals or common objects:


  • Acadia: This name is a variation of the Greek word meaning “paradise” but also refers to a French colony in Canada.
  • Sakura: The Japanese word for “cherry blossom”.
  • Ula: Ula is an alternative to the Celtic name “Ulla” meaning “gem of the sea”. It is also the name of a Manchu tribe from China.
  • Quintessa: This is a Latin word meaning “creative”.
  • Octavia: This is the Latin word for “eighth” but also the name of Caesar’s sister and Antony’s wife in the Shakespeare play “Antony and Cleopatra“.
  • Galiena: This name means “high one” in German.
  • Valencia: From Latin meaning “strong and healthy” as well as one of the largest cities in Spain. Alternative names are Valancy, Valarece or Vale for short.
  • Haidee: This name has an English origin meaning “modest”.
  • Poet: From the English word meaning “someone who writes poetry“.
  • Kaira: The Scandinavian version of Katherine, meaning “pure”.
  • Mina: Short for Wilhelmina, from the German for “protector”.
  • Anika: This name originates from Sanskrit, Dutch, German, Hebrew and Maori. It means “grace and favour”.
  • Delaney: The Gaelic meaning of this name is “child of dark defiance”.
  • Harlow: Originally an English surname derived from the Olde English “rocky hill”.
  • Teagan: From the Irish word “taghg” meaning “poet” as well as “attractive and beautiful”.


  • Ogden: From the Old English meaning “oak valley”.
  • Gareth: Gareth is an alternative to the names Garth, Garthe, Gart and Garte. It means “gentle” in Welsh.
  • Vangelis: From the Greek meaning “good news”.
  • Byron: Originates from the English meaning “barn for cows”.
  • Daxton: This modern name is of American origin.
  • Niven: Means “little saint” in Scottish.
  • Leif: Of Norse origin meaning “son” or “descendant.”
  • Callum: A Scottish-Gaelic name meaning “dove king.”
  • Asher: From the Hebrew meaning “happy”.
  • Cullen: From the surname of Gaelic origin, this name means “puppy” or “dog”.
  • Jericho: In Arabic, the meaning of the name Jericho is “city of the moon”.
  • Loxley: Popular in the tale of Robin Hood, Loxley is an Olde English name referring to a woodland clearing, glade, pasture or meadow.
  • Micah: This biblical name means “poor” or “humble”.
  • Soren: Of Scandinavian origin. Derived from the Latin word “severus” meaning “strict and serious”.
  • Tristan: The hero of the tragic tale “Tristan and Isolde“, the name is of Celtic origin meaning “outcry”.
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