7 Virtual Mother’s Day Ideas When You Can’t Be Together

Although it’s hard to spend another Mother’s Day away from your mom, for many of us, it’s still the healthiest choice this year.

But just because you’re celebrating Mother’s Day virtually, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a ton of fun and make your mom feel cherished.

Here’s how to do it:

1. A Virtual Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother’s Day brunch is a classic for a reason, and you don’t have to put it on hold just because you can’t share a meal with your mom in person.

Instead, send out an email invite for everyone to join on a video call at the same time while eating brunch they’ve prepared at home.

It’s even more fun if you make all of the same recipes, so you can see how each version came out.

To make it feel even more like the real thing, don’t forget to send your mom a beautiful bunch of roses.

Not only will they add cheer to her emptier-than-normal table, but they’re scientifically proven to uplift her spirits!

2. Play a Game Together

These days, there are plenty of games that you can play online together with your family – a quick Google search will reveal tons!

Or, if you prefer to play the old-fashioned way, set up a game board and position your camera toward it on a video call.

Everyone can arrange their board the same way and take turns making moves.

Don’t worry if this gets too complicated; it’s as good of a reason as any to have a good laugh!

3. Do a Wine Tasting Together

Use a wine delivery service or go to a local store and pick out a few bottles of wine that you’ve never had before.

Have your mom do the same.

On Mother’s Day, try them out together over a video call, being sure to share all of the tasting notes you discover. (The more ridiculous, the better!)

4. Do a Craft Together

If you and your mom are both the artsy type, why not do a craft together?

If you’re feeling extra generous, you can have the craft supplies sent straight to her door (from Amazon or an online craft shop) to make the process extra easy.

It’ll be super fun to show each other the finished products.

5. Ask Your Mom About Her Life

Even though you’ve known your mom since birth (literally), chances are there are still a lot of things you don’t know about her.

Take the time to ask her about her childhood, her aspirations, and all the crazy things she did as a teen that she’s been keeping a secret up until now!

Write them down in a memory journal you can keep forever, or better yet, record her telling them to you and be sure to download and store the video somewhere safe.

Those will be treasured memories for years to come.

6. Watch a Movie Together

If you and your mom aren’t the chatty types, but you still want to spend some (virtual) time together this Mother’s Day, why not put on the same movie and watch it at the same time?

To be extra sweet, have some popcorn and sweets sent to her ahead of time, so she’ll have something to enjoy while she watches the film.

7. An Old Fashioned Phone Call

This one says it all! Give your mom a call and simply catch up. It’s all she really wants, anyway.

We’re all anxious for the days when we can visit our loved ones in person, but until then, we hope these virtual ideas help you stay close and connected with Mother Dearest!

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