4 Parties that’ll get your kids to exercise while having fun 

Kids birthday parties define a kid’s life before they hit their tween years. Their popularity in school is correlated with how awesome their birthday parties are. So. For a kid, it’s really important that their birthday party is a blast and completely different than everyone else’s. And, it’s crucial that a kid gets what they want rather than what their parents want for them. 

Sometimes parents are hesitant to give what their kid wants because of the inconvenience. For example, not many parents really wants to drive 20 kids 20-30 miles to a facility where they may host an activity like Laser Tag when they can find a local activities center.  For those in this position, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a new trend of companies that are providing awesome unique parties that also conveniently take the party to you. This way, parents and kids get what they both want. 

Now, there’s tons of portable party companies that offer a variety of parties such as princess parties, game truck parties, and bounce house parties. These are cool and all but they’re being replaced with other companies such as AirballingOC that offer ridiculous-ly fun team building activities such as:

Nerf Wars

Fortnite Birthday Party

Bubble Soccer

Jousting and Racing with Human Hamster Balls 

And let’s get into why. Kids love to interact with other kids, so innately they enjoy activities where as many as kids are involved with some kind of objective. It’s no wonder why capture the flag is an amazingly popular game to this day for kids. And this is also the reason why they’re captivated by the recreational activities listed above. Because they get to interact in a novel experience with a bunch of their friends and maybe some rivals if their mom invited their siblings. 

And here’s the golden nugget. These team building activities encourage teamwork which is crucial for success in a variety of fields – entrepreneurship, sports, leadership, and in relationships. So, by actually pursuing a team building activity for a birthday party, you’ll be encouraging the underlying principles of teamwork: communication, encouragement, and compromises for the greater good.

And the best thing about interactive team building activities for kids is that it requires exercise because any interactive team building activity that doesn’t require physical movement (besides sitting in a box and playing video games) will bore the majority of kids.

Humans are meant to move and kids newly introduced to the world really want to move, but we become sedentary later in life because of a variety of reasons.

However, if you teach kids to enjoy moving at an early age, they’ll likely carry out a lifestyle that includes physical movement which reduces the risk of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, strokes, and heart diseases, and promotes optimal cognition because exercise releases brain chemicals associated with memory, quick-thinking, and good mood. 

This article was created by Nicholas Cho, the pioneer of Fortnite Parties.

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