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Eyes Are a Forgotten Component of Fitness

Fitness: Most of us forget that healthy eyes are a component of fitness. We take our eyes for granted, never thinking of them as muscles or as organs needing special nutrients.

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Fitness and Health

Eyes: A Forgotten Component of Fitness

By DH Owens

Eye care is part of fitness. Fitness and health of eyes means good care, good nutrition, paying special attention to nutrients the eye needs, and eye exercises.

The role of fitness in health:

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Most of us take our eyes for granted, never thinking of them as muscles or as organs needing special nutrients, exercises, or care.

The fact is that fit eyes not only need exercise, they need the proper eye-protecting nutrients and the proper care.

Poor vision is probably caused by stress to the eyes. Or does poor vision contribute to stress?

The truth is that we are not entirely sure what causes poor vision. We do know that many things affect our eyes.

1. Light: Light brings all visual information to our eyes. The more time we spend in artificial light and dim situations, the less adaptive qualities our eyes will have to bright light.

2. Age: Vision seems to worsen with age, at least in western civilization. Yet with care that probably does not need to happen.

3. Emotions: Even emotions affect our vision to some extent.

Western civilization also seems to believe that poor vision can only be corrected in one of two ways:

  • Artificial Lenses.

  • Surgery.

Eye exercises and care are part of other civilizations who rely on natural healing. It is just now beginning to be accepted in western countries.

Eye care in other societies follows these steps:

1. Healthy diet and body.

2. Rest for the eyes.

3. Exercises for the eyes.

4. A healthy state of mind.

5. Few drugs and medicines.

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More information about health and fitness issues

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Fitness for your eyes is very important for a lifetime of good vision.

Additional information about health and fitness.

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