Health and Fitness Defined

Fitness: Although we all know we want health and fitness, just what is health and fitness and what do we need to do to have it?

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Fitness and Health

Health and Fitness: Defined Exercise and weight control are only two aspects of health and fitness.

By Rob McLean

Fitness:Health and fitness are produced by a balanced system.

The role of fitness in health:

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Health and fitness are as desirable to the average American as mom and apple pie. Although health and fitness are something we all want, many of us aren’t clear about what it is.

Since the experts keep changing the definition, this is not surprising. If we turn to the dictionary we find the Random House Dictionary defining fitness as "in good condition or health."

Most of us want that, so how can we get some?

  • Is it eating correctly and if so, what is correctly?
  • Is it ample exercise, and if so, what is ample?
  • Is it low cholesterol, and if so, what is low?
  • Is it antioxidants, and if so, what is that?

It is all of the above things and more.

More and more research shows health and fitness to be a combination of many things that keep our own amazing immune system in good shape. When our immune system is functioning properly, it has an incredible ability to keep us in good health.

We can define health and fitness then as a healthy immune system. We will group the primary "immune system boosters" in this series for a brief overview, then take a closer look at them all..

Before we start, however, remember that health and fitness are also produced by a balanced system. The aggressive American way does not promote balance. We tend to overdo the good things and the bad things to the extreme.

For example, if a low-fat diet is good for you, jump immediately to 5% or less fat. If vitamin C is good for you, let’s down that C vitamin in mega-supplements. If protein is good for you, pile on the meat, eggs, and dairy. If exercise is good for you, we need to spend a few hours a week in this endeavor.

And if it tastes good and/or feels good, it is bound to be good.

Yet, we know the American lifestyle, for all our medical advances, does not produce health and fitness. A few things seem to missing here, chief of which are balance and moderation. Remember that word "balance" as we explore the components of health and fitness.

More information about health and fitness issues

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The other American trait is our desire to take a pill or even ten pills and then get on with our lives including our often unhealthy lifestyle. This goes along with our fast foods, labor-saving devices, and vitamin supplements.

Unfortunately, building a healthy immune system is not about pills. It is about balance and moderation and a fair amount of work on the part of the person looking for that healthy system.

-> More: an overview of immune boosters.

Additional information about health and fitness.

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