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Jumping Rope: Jump for Health and Fitness

By BJ Johnson


The role of fitness in health:

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Jumping rope is one of the most efficient methods of cardiovascular training and an excellent way to burn calories.


  • Jumping rope for 10 minutes at a moderate pace is like playing an 18-hole golf course.

  • Jumping rope for 10 minutes at a moderate pace is the equivalent to running one mile in 12 minutes.

  • Jumping rope for 10 minutes at a moderate pace is equivalent to two sets of tennis.

  • Jumping rope for 10 minutes at a moderate pace is like cycling 2 miles in six minutes.

  • Jumping rope for 10 minutes at a moderate pace equals swimming a quarter mile in 12 minutes.

When buying a rope, pay attention to the length. When you step on the middle of the rope, the end sections of the rope should fit comfortably in your hands and reach the middle of your chest.

New to jumping rope? Here are a few tips from CyberParent:

Try jumping rope with someone else. You jump as many times as you can. Your partner then jumps as many times as he or she can. You both get to rest a minute or two. Parent and child, two friends, or spouses make good partner combinations.

Find a floor surface that is even, non abrasive and limits friction. Carpeting is not good and concrete is hard on the knees.

You want the rope to slip under your feet quickly. Lift your feet off floor just high enough for this to occur. Turn the rope with your wrists while keeping your shoulders relaxed.

More information about health and fitness issues

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Your cardiovascular system will experience stress when jumping rope, particularly if you are sedentary. Please see a physician before beginning to jump rope or starting any other exercise program.Even with your doctor’s OK, though, start slowly and increase you rope jumping time with patience.

Jumping rope is an impact sport, so be careful with your knees and ankles. Try not to jump high or land hard. Land on the padded balls of the feet to help avoid knee injuries.

Additional information about health and fitness.

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