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Versa-Bell Adjustable 5-25 lbs. Pair Dumbbell by Sharper Image

There is no more certain path to exercise than making it easy on the person who is exercising. For me, that starts with being able to exercise at my home or office and having easily accessible exercise equipment there. Yet dumbbells and other exercise equipment can soon eat up your storage space making you wonder why you ever bought the products or, worse yet, causing them to earn a place in the rear of the closet or on a shelf in the garage.

Not this set of two dumbbells whose remarkable versatility allows for compact storage or a place of honor in the corner of the family room or office.

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Versa-Bell is an amazingly clever dumbbell system of two dumbbells which:

  • Has 8 separate chrome steel plates weighing 2.5 pounds each.

  • Uses each of two five-pound dumbbell to produce a heavier one in 2.5 pound increments.

  • Allows you to produce two dumbbells of up to 15 pounds each OR

  • Allows you to produce one dumbbell of up to 25 pounds.

This weight change is done quickly and easily by sliding the pin selector and lifting up.

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  • Stacks the steel plates vertically in a rugged nylon storage tray along with the bar.

  • Features a chrome bar that is knurled for a comfortable, secure grip.

The dumbbells are 12″ long and each weight plate measures 51/2″ square.

This is a good gift for a serious exercise buff–yourself or someone special.

Product Review by Rob McLean: Copyright © 2004 CyberParent. All rights reserved.

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