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Fitness: Many of us start our year (whether is is our birthday, New Year’s, or some another anniversary) with resolutions about exercise, nutrition, health, and fitness.

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Fitness and Health

Beat the Start-to-Heart Fitness Routine

By Jim Neumann

Fitness:The vast majority of adults quit their exercise programs within six weeks. We make a start for health and fitness but we never finish

The role of fitness in health:

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The holidays are behind us. We survived them. Many of us have taken time to make New Year’s resolutions, often exercise, nutrition, or fitness goals.

Guess what?

The vast majority of adults quit their exercise programs with six weeks. I call it the "Start-to-Heart" Syndrome, i.e., many people start a fitness and nutrition program in early January and terminate it by Valentine’s Day.

This writer has been a fitness practitioner for over 25 years. I can tell you this "syndrome" occurs every single year to "workout wannabes."

A major health club vice president told me only 1,950 or his 6,000+ members work out more than once a month! He, too, agreed the membership rolls increased the most in early January and attendance dropped the most in mid-February. Recent studies at the University of Colorado have shown one solution to keeping adults in the fitness loop is for new exercisers to interact with he right people during their workout routines. Someone to motivate us, right? We know why beginners quit. It is hard on their bodies, causing them to sweat and breathe rapidly. And…most of us won’t make this new endeavor a habit. If you are not all that motivated to working out, but, know you really need to exercise and shape-up, why not consider hiring a personal trainer? If you don’t want to spend the bucks on maintaining your health, think about this statement from a physician friend. He said that in 25 years of practicing Anesthesiology, one fact has stuck in his head. He says, "Two out of every three patients I put to sleep are not just overweight, but, obese!" This means two-thirds of his patients are more than 20% overweight.

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If you fit in this category, it may give you an indication of where you could end up. Those who can’t, or won’t, do something about their physical condition may just need assistance.

You’ve heard it before and it applies here, too: "Pay me now or pay me later."

Jim Neumann is the Founder of The Sports Set, and has been a fitness advocate for over 25 years.


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