Stress Reduction Tactics for Fitness and Health

The causes of stress can be good or bad – but stress reduction is always good!

Here are thirteen More Stress-Reduction Tactics to help you reduce stress:

1. Exercise regularly for stress reduction.

Take a vigorous walk, jog, or swim for 20 minutes three times a week. Incorporate a peaceful yoga routine into your daily life.

2. Consider a career change for stress reduction.

Burnout can be very stressful. If that has happened to you, consider changing careers.

3. Get quality sleep for stress reduction.

Sleep is an essential recovery mechanism. Sleep on your back or sides, not on your stomach.

4. Stop using drugs for stress reduction.

Stop smoking and avoid recreational drugs and alcohol. Remember that food is a drug, also.

5. Schedule time for stress reduction.

Allow enough time to reach the place or goal you wish without rushing.

6. Control your attitude for stress reduction.

About the only part of your life you can control completely is your attitude.

7. Think positive for stress reduction.

If something is stressful, make a list of every positive aspect of your situation. This doesn’t mean you should go through life as a Pollyanna, however. Then you will rarely, if ever, be prepared–see number 8!

8. Be prepared for stress reduction.

Don’t stick your head in the sand. Being prepared stops stress in advance.

9. Improve yourself for stress reduction.

Broaden your knowledge through reading, seminars, and self- improvement courses.

10. Live within your means for stress reduction.

Constantly overspending is definitely stressful.

11. Save money for stress reduction.

Having an emergency “nest egg” makes you less stressed.

12. Eat sensibly for stress reduction.

You are what you eat. I personally feel much better since I have eliminated red meat, whole milk, and most sugar from my diet. Maybe a similar diet change would help you, too.

13. Handle stress now for overall stress reduction.

Putting off stressful events only makes them more stressful. Settle matters that are troubling you “as they occur.” Procrastination usually leads to increased stress for me. And I feel so good when I don’t procrastinate.

Bonus: Choose quality friends for stress reduction. It is important to have friends you can trust and be yourself with. Ask friends for help instead of being too self-reliant.

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