Stress Reductions for Fitness and Health

Fitness: Stress is a robber of health and fitness. Reduce stress for health and fitness.

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Fitness and Health

Stress: That Robber of Health and Fitness

By DH Owens

Fitness: There are many ways to reduce stress for health and fitness.

The role of fitness in health: 


Twelve Ways to Reduce Stress for Health and Fitness.

Stress is the body’s physical, mental, and chemical reaction to circumstances that irritate, frighten, excite, confuse, or endanger us.

The cause of stress can be bad or it can be good. It can be a truck wheeling around a corner toward us, a move to a new home, loud music, a marriage or divorce, plus many other things such as a new baby, trouble at work, or a meeting with abrasive in-laws.

Take charge of your life and follow these basic principles to help  handle personal and business stress. Review this list periodically and add to it as you become aware of other ways to reduce stress in your own life.

Twelve ways to control and reduce stress in your life:

1. Have fun to reduce stress.

Do things for the sheer fun of it. Each day, plan to something "just for you." Even if you only have 30 minutes of fun time, don’t let anything stop you from your 30 minutes.

2.. Laugh to reduce stress.

Interact with people who make you laugh to reduce tension and boost the immune system.

3. Learn to say "no" to reduce stress.

Too much fun can become boring and stressful in itself. When requests and invitations become a burden instead of being enjoyable, it is time to say "no."

4. Simplify your life to reduce stress.

Move closer to your work, hire a maid, or shop by internet.

5. Delegate responsibility to reduce stress.

Sharing duties allows time together and gets the job done faster.

6. Learn to relax to reduce stress.

Periodically visualize calming scenes; stretch and take deep breaths.

7. To reduce stress, don’t be a workaholic.

Find a healthy balance between work and play.

8. Break tasks into segments to reduce stress.

Break down tasks into easy-to-handle segments and problems. It is easier to eat an elephant one bite at a time.

9. Keep your job skills current to reduce stress.

If you have current job skills, changes and lay-offs at work are not so stressful. You can take the attitude of an acquaintance of mine who takes work with a "Oh, well, I was looking for a job when I got this one. And I might be looking again." He knows his job skills are in demand.

10. Take care of your family and friends to reduce stress.

Having relationships in your life is less stressful.

11. Examine work habits to reduce stress.

If you are constantly stressed at work, examine your work habits. Maybe you are wasting time.




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12. Drink water to reduce stress..

Consume 8-10 glasses of pure water daily to reduce stress.

Ways to reduce stress continued.

See reader’s stress reductions.

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Additional information about health and fitness.



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