Fitness and Health: Reader’s Give Personal Ways to Reduce Stress

Fitness: Cut stress in your life by followingthese suggestions to help reduce personal stress, job-related stress, and business stress.

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Fitness and Health

Fitness: Reader’s Give Advice for Stress Reduction

Fitness:Reader’s give personal suggestions for eliminating stress andstressful living.

The role of fitness in health:

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Andrew Weil. MD states, “News reports can profoundly affect your mental state, increasing anxiety and possibilities for worry. "We don’t need to listen to the news. We don’t need to subject our psyche to this bombardment. It is not relevant to us, we are not relevant to it. Skip it."

CyberParent Readers write:

When I am stressed out, I always find a good book–a really good book that will totally involve me– and let the world go away while I read it. Cyberparent thanks TJ for sharing stress reduction ideas.

To relieve my stress, I often go back and look at pictures of fun times in my life. I have all of my photos in albums so this is easy to do now. Cyberparent thanks DE for sharing stress reduction ideas.

I keep some funny tapes to listen to or I find something else that is funny. Laughing relieves stress better than anything I have ever found. Cyberparent thanks NG for sharing stress reduction ideas.

I have a lot of ideas to reduce stress: 1. Take a nice hot bath. 2. Get a massage; it will help a great amount. 3. Everytime you are really stressed out, write about it instead of taking it out on people. If you write about it, you will be able to look at what you were stressed about later on in the day and figure out a solution. 4. If you you are stressed out and have a lot of energy–clean! It’s the truth: you get your house cleaned and you release that anger. 5. Meet more people. If you meet more people and make new friends, it will take you mind off of who or what is stressing you.

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6. Join more activities. For example: at school join an after-school activity. It will keep you occupied. 7. Listen to some mellow music that soothes you to sleep. Try sounds of the ocean or sounds of a rain storm; they are really soothing. 8. Another is ask someone for help. It works. Hey, everyone needs help sometimes. Cyberparent thanks SM for sharing stress reduction ideas.

Additional information about men and being male.

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Components of Fitness from Dean Ornish, MD

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