Bodylastics and GoFit ProGym Product Review

Elastic Tubing Sets

Bodylastics Review

GoFit Review Bodylastics Maximum Tension Shown Note: Maximum Tension Bodylastics includes 5 tubes. Basic Tension Bodylastics includes 4 tubes. Buy Maximum Tension BodyLastics Buy Basic Tension BodyLastics Review BodyLastics GoFit Ultimate ProGym Package includes everything shown in photo, including DVD, wall chart and 3 tubes.

Buy GoFit Ultimate ProGym Review GoFit ProGym

Product Review by DJ: Copyright © 2005 CyberParent. All rights reserved. Compare Bodylastics and GoFit ProGym: In addition to containing extra tubing which adds versatility to workouts, Bodylastics seemed of more lasting quality than GoFit ProGym with a somewhat better workout DVD or video. So, in my opinion, Bodylastics is worth the extra cost..

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