Exercise and Look Younger, Feel Young

Fitness: When you exercise, you relax. When you relax, youlook younger and more youthful. Thus, you can exercise and look younger, more youthful.

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Fitness and Health

Fitness: Exercise and Look Younger, Feel Younger

By JB Johnson

Fitness:Exercise is legal mood-altering. Exercise relaxes you and reduces stress. This makes youlook, feel younger, more youthful. Physical fitness promotes youthfulness.

The role of fitness in health:

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Have you ever noticed how much older you look when you are stressed-out?

Taking care of yourself physically, exercising, and learning a deep relaxationtechnique can actually make you appear and feel younger and more youthful.

When you are worried and/or stressed, extra demands are placed on your body.This increases your need for good nutrition and sleep. Many scientists believe adequatesleep and good nutrition even combat the negative effects stress can have. Another potentweapon against stress and its aging effect is exercise. A regular program of aerobicexercises will:

  • Increase energy levels
  • Make you feel younger, more youthful.
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Clear your mind
  • Make you appear more youthful
  • Relax tensed muscles, including facial muscles where tension is aging, thus making you look younger.

Deep relaxation makes you feel calm and refreshed. It is difficult to feelstress when your body is relaxed.

In a mere 20 minutes per day, you can trade tension for relaxation and look andfeel younger in the process. Better than an anti-aging pill.

Exercise is legal mood-altering without a prescription… Exercising with musicis even better.

Give it a try. Play that music and get exercising for at least five minutes. Itis an over-the-counter way to improve your mental outlook and your physical self.

Extend that exercise until you are up to at least 30minutes. Your disposition will rise with the length of time you exercise.

More information about health and fitness issues

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Play your favorite hot music and dance around the roomalone. Wonderful exercise; wonderful mood elevator.

Or try walking briskly in the park with a headset tuned to music. You’llcome home relaxed and feeling sensational from the music andthe outdoors.

In the meantime, whenever anxiety is getting the upper hand in your life, askyourself what’s the worst thing that could happen. If it is something drastic, rethinkyour priorities. If not, you can be more relaxed when your problems are put inperspective.

Additional information about health and fitness.

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