5 Tasty Baking Ideas Involving Lollies

Baking is already pretty sweet.

Cookies, cakes, and other treats offer a variety of flavours and designs that are as delicious as they are impressive to look at. If you want to add even more fun to your baking, lollies are a great item to incorporate.

There are so many inspired ideas in online recipe catalogues and sites like Pinterest that it shouldn’t be hard to find some unique treats to try out. 

Here are five tasty treats to get you started:

  1. Use lollies on top of cookies or mixed into the dough for added flavour and texture. Chocolate candies are especially great for this as they melt well and can be a substitute (or addition) for chocolate chip cookies. Candy cookies are quite popular right now and there should be plenty of recipes to choose from. 
  2. Stained glass cookies are fun when you have leftover hard candies or lollipops that you want to get rid of. The recipe involves melting down the hard candies into a liquid sugar and then incorporating them into the cookie recipe. These cookies come out looking as beautiful as they taste, too. 
  3. Candy cakes are a popular choice among children today, too. Often inspired by TV shows and high-end bakeries and pastry chefs, these cakes can be designed around one specific flavour or candy or a number of different ones. You can add candy to the exterior of the cake for decor, or just incorporate it into the mix as per the recipe. 
  4. Candy bar brownies are another common treat. Like cookies and cakes, the brownies can be mixed and matched with various lollies and candies to create the flavour that you want. Whether you want simple brownies with peanut butter candies or a “kitchen sink” style brownie, there is something for just about everyone. 

Pinata cakes are a new concept making waves in the viral dessert world right now. Usually stuffed with jimmies and other sugary toppings, these cakes are fun for kids of all ages.

If you want to upgrade your own pinata cake, consider adding lollies and other treats instead.

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