7 Unique Coffee Recipes for the Whole Family

If you cannot imagine your day without a cup of aroma coffee, and your soul requires something new, it is worth trying unusual and tasty recipes.

When you’re a parent, the chances are high that your morning routine includes a cup of hot and aromatic coffee to charge yourself with the required energy.

Some like to make coffee at home, while others prefer coffee to go.

Most people opt for traditional and time-tested recipes during the workweek and look for some interesting and unusual options on the weekend when they have more free time.

If you are just planning to buy a coffee machine and don’t want to spend a fortune, it is worth examining a budget coffee makers review to find the best suitable option.

Thus, if you are ready to devote your Saturday morning to making a cup of delicious coffee, choose something from the list provided below.

All the recipes are easy to follow, and it will not be a big deal to find all the ingredients in the nearest supermarket.

Coffee with Garlic and Honey

The tradition of roasting coffee beans with garlic is rooted in the east. And even though the secret ingredient is very unusual and alarming, it will not spoil your fresh breath.

Fortunately, coffee beans, especially raw ones, quickly absorb extraneous odors.

Thus, you will need two teaspoons of honey, one clove of garlic, freshly ground coffee, and water, while rosemary or thyme is optional.

Heat honey in a jezve, carefully pour in the water and add the peeled garlic clove, cut in half – add coffee and cook without boiling.

When the coffee rises, take it off the stove and let it brew for a few minutes. Strain and pour into a cup.

Add fresh rosemary or thyme at the end, if desired.

Coffee with Halwa

In the East, they decided to combine famous sweets with a fragrant drink for the first time. The result is a delicious dessert that you can easily make at home.

You can drink it right after preparation, just don’t forget to add a couple of ice cubes.

Put about 120 ml of cow’s milk and about 20-50 gr of halwa (depending on how sweet it should be) into a blender and stir until a homogeneous mixture.

Make the coffee as you like. Pour coffee into a large cup first, then add milk mixture.

Coffee with Yolk

This is a Vietnamese coffee that every coffee lover should try. The taste of the drink is both sweet and bitter and the coffee itself is very nutritious!

This recipe does not require much effort and time. You just need to whisk one fresh yolk with about 70 ml of condensed milk, one teaspoon of sugar, and 10 gr of butter until frothy.

Make coffee in a jezve. Combine coffee with the mixture in a blender and stir everything thoroughly.

Ginger Coffee

The main ingredient is native to Yemen. Ginger is an effective fat burner, so if you don’t have much time to work out, working from home, you can add ginger to your diet.

Coffee with ginger will invigorate and add new colors to your morning!

Bring water to a boil, add a dash of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and cardamom. Mix everything thoroughly. Add mint leaves and ginger to taste.

When the water boils, add coffee and stir the mixture. Bring coffee to a boil and add about 30 ml of milk.

Reduce heat, bring coffee to a boil again, add sugar to taste, and take it off the stove.

Cover and let it brew for several minutes. It is better to serve hot coffee with light snacks.

Coffee with Tonic

The peculiarity of the combination of coffee and tonic is versatility. The aroma of coffee and the tonic’s bitterness are perfectly complemented by shades of rosemary, lemon zest, and berry syrups.

If you are a sophisticated coffee admirer, you can add liqueurs.

Thus, take a tall glass, put ice cubes, and pour about 150 ml of tonic and 50 ml of orange juice. Make espresso and add to a mixture with tonic.

Garnish with a slice of lemon and serve. If desired, the tonic can be replaced with carbonated mineral water, and add syrup instead of orange juice.

Coffee with Orange Juice

Coffee with juice has an interesting taste, just make sure to pick up good coffee beans for cold brew.

Orange contains a large amount of theine which is analogous to caffeine. Therefore, such coffee will charge you with energy from the early morning.

Chill freshly brewed coffee. Make fresh orange juice from two oranges.

Whisk cold coffee, orange juice, two tablespoons of cream, and three teaspoons of sugar in a blender for 1-2 minutes.

If you wish, you can add ice cubes and decorate the coffee with chocolate syrup and zest.

Warm Bumble

Many people call this coffee “bumblebee” since it really resembles a bee before mixing the layers.

It is another interesting option for citrus admirers and best served in a tall transparent glass.

Make coffee as usual, then heat about 150-200 ml of fresh orange juice with pulp, but do not bring it to a boil.

Pour honey or caramel into a glass, then pour in juice, and add coffee. You can garnish it with orange zest or a cinnamon stick. Stir well before drinking.

You can also make a cold version. Everything is the same, but the coffee must be chilled first.


Coffee is such a perfect canvas when it comes to trying new flavors and creations!

Drinking the same cup of Joe every morning to face your day as a parent can be boring – try the above coffee recipes to make your mornings unique and exciting!

Have a favorite coffee recipe you swear by? Share it in the comments below:

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