Friends are equal.

Friendship: Friends are equal in a healthy friendship.


Friends Are Equal. How to Grow a Friend: Step Ten.

Joy Stevens

Friendship: Friends are equal in a healthy friendship. In a healthy relationship, friends are equals. Not 50/50 every time, but 50/50 over the long haul.

Dr. Joyce Brothers opined that a healthy friendship is like a seesaw. One person isn’t always dominant and the other person isn’t always submissive. In any relationship, whether it’s friendship, parent/child, or marriage, at some time one is more dominant than the other, but it evens out in the end.

Don’t walk in front of me, I might not follow. Don’t walk behind me, Imight not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend.Author Unknown

Jim Simmons, M.A., says, "All relationships, including friendship, involve a balance of power. When one friend grows, it upsets the balance. The other friend is forced toward growth.

"If that other friend refuses to grow, one of two things will happen. The friendship will end, or it will become stagnant (dead)."

Anytime there is a perceived inequality or imbalance, the door is open for jealousy. Yet jealousy has no place in a friendship.

Anytime you have jealous feelings in a friendship, ask yourself three questions:

1. Do I need to feel jealous about this?
2. Don’t I have a choice here?
3. What does she/he have that is more important than our friendship?

Additional information about friends and friendship.

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Friends are equal.

How to Grow a Friend: Step Ten.

Friends are Equal.

Friends are equal. Not every time or every minute, but in the long run a friendship is 50/50.

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