Friends reveal feelings to grow.

Friends reveal feelings. That is why few of us everfeel close to the person who must always be strong.


Friends Reveal Their Feelings. How to Grow a Friend: Step Eleven.

Joy Stevens

Friends reveal feelings. That is why few of us everfeel close to the person who must always be strong. How many of us ever feel close to the person who must always be strong? It is hard to do. That is because he/she never reveals his/her feelings in conversation.

Conversation can be divided into three categories:

  • Facts
  • Opinions
  • Emotions

Take this example:

Facts: "Sally and I had dinner together last night."

Opinions: "Sally and I talked last night over dinner. I really don’t think she will marry John after all."

Emotions: "I felt really depressed after I had dinner with Sally last night. I feel pretty certain that she will not marry my brother John now. I know this will break his heart and I hate that. Besides, I’m also sad that Sally will not be in our family. I like her."

Of course, any conversation contains a certain amount of all three categories but friends move talk from facts to emotions. In fact, you can tell how close your friendship is growing by how often you talk about feelings rather than facts or opinions.

Additional information about friends and friendship.

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