Friends acknowledge friends.

Friendship: Friends acknowledge friends. Try thesethree steps to acknowledgment: repeat back; don’t invalidate; and don’t try tochange.


Friends Acknowledge Friends. How to Grow a Friend: Step Three.

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Friendship: Friends acknowledge friends. Try thesethree steps to acknowledge your friends: repeat back; don’t invalidate; and don’t try tochange. You are talking to a friend. He starts complaining that a certain situation was not fair. You were an onlooker in this situation and don’t really agree with him. What do you do?

Often when your friend tells you a story or voices a complaint, it doesn’t mean he wants agreement. He may want to be heard and understood. He is really asking for acknowledgment.

Try these three steps to acknowledgment:

1. Repeat Back

Acknowledge by repeating back to your friend what she said in similar words to show youhave heard and understood her.
"You were upset today because I was late."
"I understand that you are upset by what happened."

2. Don’t Invalidate

It is not necessary to agree with your friend.You do not even need to feel what he said is correct. However, do not invalidate him. Examples of invalidation include:
"You’re too sensitive."
"It didn’t happen that way"

3. Don’t Try to Change

Be satisfied just to acknowledge. Don’t try to change her.

Additional information about friends and friendship.

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