Friends praise friends

Friendship: Friends praise friends and give sincere complimentsto friends.


A Friend Gives Sincere Compliments. How to Grow a Friend: Step Eight.

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Friendship:Friends praise friends and give sincere complimentsto friends. Be liberal with praise for all of your friends, including casual ones. There is some genuine compliment you can pay anyone once you get in the habit of searching for those compliments.

Praising friends is an excellent way for a shy person to make contact. When a shy person is walking to greet another person, he is usually thinking about himself and dreading the contact. If he walks toward the other person finding something to compliment, he will have a hard time keeping his attention on himself.

Again, we are not talking about the insincere compliments of the manipulators of the world. That grows old quickly.

We are referring to genuine praise for a person you admire and love.

If you were fortunate enough to have a grandparent, a teacher, or an older friend who took an interest in you as you were growing up, you probably understand the power of affirmation very well. That person who sought out the best in you certainly had a strong effect on your life.

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