Mars/Venus feedback and other letters from surfers.

Letters from surfers about Mars and Venus andother subjects.. Men, women, mars, venus, or whatever, men and women should look at theopposite sex as individuals, not stereotypes. Men and women don’t equal genderstereotypes, and shouldn’t be viewed as stereotypes in relationships.

Overall…Women Are NOT From VeniceMen Are NOT From the Moon

At least somebody has finally said it. I read the book and gave it away, sinceit didn’t seem a good reference source.

A person has to take the other person the way he or she is. The Myers-Briggstest is the most accurate I’ve seen.

I have a friend who is a thinker and her husband is a feeler. K

What a bunch of bunk Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venice is. It is writtenon a kindergarten level for kindergarten-age ideas of relationships by a guy who doesn’treally understand anything except how to sell books. I understand the author has a hardtime staying married for all his "excellent" understanding of the oppositesex. No sex, no person can be put in such a convenient mold–unless you are trying to sellbooks.WR

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