Marriage and Relationship Needs Differ For Men and Women

Marriage and relationships: men and women have different needs from marriages and relationships. Men need a playmate; women need a loyal companion. When the man’s and woman’s needs are not met in marriages or relationships, they may part.

When the man’s and woman’s needs are not met in marriages or relationships, they may part.

He Needs a Playmate. She Needs a Loyal Friend.

Men usually enter a relationship or marriage expecting their mate/lover to be a playmate and share their recreational interests. Women enter a relationship or marriage hoping to find a loyal best friend.

Men want a recreational companion. Women want a loyal companion.

Men need recreation in order to relax. Women need loyalty in order to feel secure.

Both need their own interests but they also need interests that overlap. They need playtime together.

Both need their own space and privacy but they also need to come together and support each other.

He needs a lot of recreational time together. She needs the support and loyalty that makes her feel secure.

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When he does not support her, she may look for security elsewhere. When she doesn’t act as a recreational companion, he may look for a playmate elsewhere.

In short: A marriage relationship must meet the needs of both the man and the woman.

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