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Girls! Helping Your Little Girl Become an Extraordinary Woman

Girls! Helping Your Little Girl Become an Extraordinary Woman by William & Kathryn Beausay

By Jan Wilson

Raising a daughter is your responsibility and that responsibility is to raise an extraordinary woman who is feminine and strong, not a daddy’s girl. Youdetermine how high she sets her sights. Behind every exceptional daughter is an enthusiastic parent crazy about his or her little girl.

This book will teach you how to be your daughter’s mentor, cheerleader, and her biggest supporter. You can help her reach her real potential as you teach her to organize her personal life, influence people through personal and public leadership, learn disciplined habits and positive attitudes, master skills that build confidence and self-worth, build a strong spiritual foundation, and make decisions.

Single parents, stepparents, even grandparents can raise a girl who becomes an extraordinary women. You set the bar for how high she sets her sights. The Beausays say you do your best, then kiss her gently, and let her go.

Girls! Helping Your Little Girl Become an Extraordinary Woman, by William & Kathryn Beausay.

1. Not allowing girls to make any errors. Everyone makes errors. You want your daughter to have an opportunity to make erroneous decisions and see the consequences of those decisions. That is how she will learn to predict the results of decisions.

2. Saying, "I told you so." When a decision ends in disaster, ask, "Is this what you wanted to happen?" Feedback then comes from her lips instead of yours. She hears the words from her lips; she rarely hears the "I told you this would happen" from your lips.

3. Letting emotions get in the way. Everyone, male and female lets emotions sway decisions. "Would you choose this if you were in a better mood" starts the road to understanding emotions and decisions.

4. Ignoring the power of her role models and heroes. When you daughter is having a hard time making decisions, ask her what her hero of the moment would do.

6. Falling for the "I don’t know" and "I don’t care" excuses. Girls do know how they feel about things and they do care. Stop the habit of weaseling out of decisions immediately when these excuses are used.

And ask her what she thinks you would do under the circumstances. You might be quite surprised at her insight and her lack of insight into you and your beliefs.


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