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Thai Massage, Bodywork Review

Thai massage is a form of manipulativehealing therapy through the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of Thai bodywork..

Thai Bodywork Treatments to Stretch, Tone and Promote Wellbeing

by Niclaire Mann and Eleanor McKenzie

A book for massage for health professionals but illustrated so well that it can be learned by individuals and used by couples to strengthen their relationship. Both the giver and receiver feel stretched, relaxed, and balanced after a bodywork session.

The main focus of Thai bodywork is to aid in attaining or restoring balance in the body’s flow of energy. Thus, Thai massage (called bodywork here) energizes and relaxes through the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of the bodywork. You will notice that Thai massage has close relationships with Yoga, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, and Japanese Shiatsu.It is often called Thai Yoga Massage.

Thai massage is unique in that both the giver and the receiver feel stretched, refreshed, and balanced after a bodywork session. Although a session can be as short as 30 minutes or as long as three hours, the ideal time for a session is two hours–two hours of bliss!

Thai Bodywork:

  • Restores balance in the flow of body energy by stimulating energy lines and points.

  • Increases flexibility.

  • Stretches and tones the muscles.

  • Relieves many common ailments.

  • Is done with both giver and receiver fully clothed.

  • Creates a unique meditative atmosphere through rocking, stretching, and breathing techniques.

Starting with the history of Thai Massage, the book then illustrates and explains anatomy in Western terms, then as Sen lines.

Before proceeding to the positions in Thai massage, it is imperative that the giver learn the stances and basic techniques. It is easy to do with this book.

The stances of the giver are well-explained and illustrated with excellent photographs and points to watch. The Stances section is referred to throughout the book and this chapter stresses that the stance of the therapist is of upmost importance in giving a Thai massage.

The section on Basic techniques shows the techniques used for working on the muscles and Sen lines. The book starts with the terms used and then illustrates and explains the techniques.

The remainder of this easy-to-use book thoroughly teaches 138 techniques used in the four positions of the receiver: supine, side, prone, and seated. These sections are complete with

  • Excellent photographs.
  • Drawings and illustrations.
  • Tips.
  • Watchpoints or cautions.

step-by-step instructions supplemented by photographs, artworks, cautions, and tips.

It is a good book for both professionals and individuals. Couples who use Thai bodywork report their relationship is deepened and strengthened.

This is the best book on Thai massage we reviewed and it has our highest recommendation. It is also the only book on Thai massage you will need.

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