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Gifts Creating a Gift When You Are Uncreative.

Gifts and Gift Giving: Making your own creative gifts if you are not creative.

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Gifts and Gift Giving

Creating a Gift When You Are Not Creative

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Gifts and the giving of gifts:Most of us like to give gifts that are appreciated and many of us need to save money, particularly at an extensive gift times.

Gift CalendarCollect your family and/or friends birthdays, anniversaries, and other specialdays. Your computer has a program to create a calendar. Print calendars withthose special dates filled-in. You can have this gift calendar bound at the localoffice supply store for a nominal charge. This is a welcome gift and… it is agift that can be repeated next year!!

Who would enjoy this calendar as a gift?

  • Any adult family member needs to remember special days for gifts or cards.
  • Your circle of friends with other friends’ birthdays and anniversaries, even children’s birthdays.
  • Your non-profit or play group will have a record of birthdays and special days from your gift.
  • Employee birthdays at work is a good gift for everyone on your team.
  • Any organization that has deadlines or special days has some person in the organization who has to remember them.And they will remember your gift, too.

Birthday or Holiday Book for a Child’s GiftCyberParent made this one easy for you. Print out a few appropriate pages here,then paste them in a scrapbook with a few photos and a few blank pages for thegift recipient’s additions. You have the perfect gift for a child.

Start a Photo Album as a Gift for Anyone You don’t have to do the entire album. Just a few special pages isenough for a growing gift. Give a few more pages next year.

The Growing Gift1. Start a plant from one of your own, rooting it far enough ahead of timeto be established by gift time. Put it in an interesting container–maybe a giftfrom a second-hand or thrift store. Type the care instructions to go with itfrom your computer.

2. Buy small bedding plants of flowers, then plant three in a pot in atriangle. Plan ahead to give them time to fill-out and flower. It is a beautifulgift. Again, it can be repeated.

3. Find inexpensive strawberry pots (second-hand stores or close-outs) andfill with strawberry plants or flowering plants. Another beautiful gift.

The Gift of RecipesStart a collection of recipes focusing on a special interest. Print them fromyour computer on card stock or glue them to an index card. Buy or make an inexpensive recipe card boxto hold them. Or, buy a small 3-ring index binder to hold your gift of recipes.You can add recipes at other gift occasions.

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Gifts and the giving of gifts.

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Who would enjoy recipes as a gift?

  • Anyone with a special diet would appreciate this gift–vegetarians, vegans, low-carb aficionados, diabetics.
  • A person who hates to cook would love quick/easy recipes as a gift.
  • Young adults or students leaving home should treasure easy recipes as a gift.
  • A person who does not know how to cook needs special directions in his/her gift.
  • Chocoholics who crave chocolate cakes, candies, and other gooey chocolate desserts would love this mouth-watering gift.

If you have suggestions for another creative gift for uncreative persons,please send it here. Thankyou.

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