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Gifts: Getting the Gift You Want

Gifts and Gift Giving: Your friends and family can not read minds to give you the gifts you want.

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Gifts and Gift Giving

Get the Gifts You Want

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Gifts and the giving of gifts:If you want to get gifts you actually want, give gift suggestions.

Give Suggestions for GiftsEveryone wants to give gifts that are appreciated. After all, they are spendingtheir time, money, or both, on these gifts. Very few people mind when you givethem suggestions for gifts.

Besides, what you want right now may not be what you wanted last year–or evenlast month or yesterday. Your needs and desires change so don’t keep them asecret at gift-giving times.

Don’t Be Subtle About the Gifts You Want You may think you’re dropping hints and that is all that is needed, but yourfriends and family may be more dense than you think. Tell them about somethingyou saw that you want and where you saw it. If it’s a man, throw in a few otherclues about size, color, and quality to help him out when he is buying gifts foryou.

Don’t Wait Too Late to Get the Gifts You WantIf you wait too long to let someone know which gift or gifts you want, he/shemay have already bought the gift or may not be able to find the right gift.

If you have other ideas for receiving gifts that you actually want, pleasesend your suggestions here.Thank you.

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Gifts and the giving of gifts.

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