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Gifts: The Gift of Laughter

Gifts and Gift Giving: The gift of laughter is a healing, fun gift for anyone on your list.

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Gifts and Gift Giving

The Gift of Laughter

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Gifts and the giving of gifts:Laughter is the best medicine and might be the best gift.

What gifts bring the gift of laughter?

Comics as a GiftIf you are a regular reader of the comics, clip out those that remind youof something the gift recipient would probably consider funny. Keep themtogether until gift-giving time, then paste them in an expensive scrapbook orloose-leaf binder. If you use a loose-leaf binder, you can add to this giftanother time.

Video or DVD as a Gift of LaughterThe stores and Amazon are full of funny videos or DVDs. Think about the gift recipient’ssense of humor as you choose his//her gift.

There are old videos that are slapstick humor such as Airport.These gifts can often be picked up used.

Gag GiftsThe title says it all.

Humorous Books as GiftsAgain, the stores and Amazon are full of humorous books. And again, remember thetype of humor your gift recipient enjoys.

Clothes as Gifts of LaughterHow about a funny tee-shirt or a ridiculous tie or hat for a gift? Funnytee-shirts abound and the thrift stores are great places to find funny ties andhats.

Old Photos as GiftsLook through your photo stash for funny family photographs. Include a few photosof happy times. Put them together as a short scrapbook along with some sillyjokes or reminders of funny family times. You will bring the gift of laughter tosomeone.

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Gifts and the giving of gifts.

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Laughter Basket as a GiftMake a basket of laughter as a gift. Include a gag gift, a comic book or two, afunny video, and a humorous book. Add a funny photograph of the gift recipientand you are sure to bring smiles and giggles when your gift is opened.

If you have suggestions for another gift of laughter, pleasesend your gift suggestions here.Thank you.

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