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Gift Giving: How to Buy Gifts When You Hate to Shop

Gifts and Gift Giving: How do you buy gifts when you hate to shop for gifts?

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Gifts and Gift Giving

How to Buy Gifts When You Hate to Shop

Rob McLean

Gifts and the giving of gifts:If you hate to shop, how do you buy gifts?

Share the Cost of the GiftThis is best way to shop when you hate shopping. Offer to pay for part (most) ofthe gift if the other person will buy it. Dirty pool, maybe, but it works wellwhen the other person loves to shop.

Shop for Gifts All YearMaybe you do hate to shop but all of us have to shop at some time or the other.If you are in a store, anyway, even if it is the supermarket, keep your eyesopen for a gift. I found quite a few at my local supermarket last year. Youdon’t always have to know who will be the proud owner of this gift to buy it. Ifit is a neat gift, pick it up now.

Have a Spot to Stash GiftsHave a place at home to stash gifts. That way you will be able to run to thisspot, and paw through your stash in a hurry when that wedding invitation arrivesin the mail.

Add to Your Gift StashAnother way to add to your gift stash is to place all the presents people giveyou that you hate there. Just remember who gave you the gift and send it on to anew family or group.Best to make a list or label gifts in some way so theydon’t return to the same person or to another person when the original"gift-giver" is present.

Cultivate a Friend Who Is a Shopping FoolMaybe you already know someone who loves to shop. Ask them to buy a gift or twofor you when they are out. They will probably love it. If all else fails, hire ashopping service.

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Gifts and the giving of gifts.

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Buy Gifts Online or from Catalogs.This is so obvious, it belongs at the end of the list.

Have It Gift-WrappedIf you hate to shop, you probably hate to wrap, too. Just hire it done,especially at Christmas or other big, scary gift times.

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