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Gift Giving: Never, Never Gifts

Gifts and Gift Giving: There are some gifts you should never give or only give under certain circumstances.

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Gifts and Gift Giving

Never-Never Gifts

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Gifts and the giving of gifts:Some gifts may be welcome but are not of good judgment.

The Gifts You WantPlease don’t give gifts that you want to enjoy yourself. That will be seen asselfish. In fact, it is selfish!

Statues and Figurines as GiftsUnless someone is a collector, he/she probably will not know what to do withthis gift offering.

Weight-Loss GiftsYour overweight friend or family member probably won’t appreciate the diet bookor spot reducer you chose as a present. Off-Color GiftsThese gifts can be offensive so know the person well before choosing this gift.

Funky Clothes as GiftsBe careful when buying clothes for anyone, but be particularly careful whenbuying the latest style or funky garments.

Gifts of Poor Judgment?Wine to heavy drinkers, a trip to Las Vegas to gamblers, carton of cigs tosmokers. They may be welcome but are they of good judgment?

What is the worst gift you ever received? Send it here.Thank you.

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Gifts and the giving of gifts.

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