Obvious Not Obvious Gifts

Gift Giving: Obvious and Not-So-Obvious Gifts.

Gifts and Gift Giving: Some gifts are obvious. Others gifts are not so obvious until someone points to them.

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Gifts and Gift Giving

Obvious and Not-Do-Obvious Gifts

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Gifts and the giving of gifts:Some obvious gifts you might never think to give.

Books and Music as GiftsTrue, you have to do your homework for these gifts and match up the gifts withthe recipients interests, but you can’t beat these two for book lovers or musiclovers.

Board Games as GiftsIf the gift recipient is a game lover, check out the latest ones. Or buy aspecial edition of an old favorite like Monopoly. Or try computer games if youwant to help someone waste a bit of time.

Personal, Impersonal GiftsWhat are personal, but impersonal gifts? Oh, say something like driving gloves,an accessory like a scarf, an umbrella, a shaving kit or cosmetic bag.

Traditional GiftsEven the obvious, selected with thought and the recipient in mind, make goodgifts. The obvious are liquor, wine, magazines, tickets to an event, candy, orflowers–those gifts you give often. You get the picture.If you have suggestions for other gifts, please send them here.Thank you.

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Gifts and the giving of gifts.

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