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Gift Giving: Romantic Gifts for Men;

Gifts and Gift Giving for Men: Ideas to help you choose romantic gifts for the man in your life.

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Romance Your Man with Gifts

Male gifts and giving of gifts to men: Romantic ideas that can be translated into gifts for men.

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If you are seeking romantic gifts for your man, first look at what men want according to a survey by Arthur Aron.

When asked to rank the following nine items in order of romantic preference, men said: 1. Taking walks together 2. Kissing 3. Candlelight dinners 4. Cuddling 5. Hugging 6. Holding hands 7. Sitting by the fire

What does that say to you for gifts to your man?

Maybe the gifts of:

A Walk in the Woods or on the Beach

Choose an area particularly suited to a few private kisses.If you can’t get there now, the gifts could be as mundane as a new jogging suit or sports shoes with a description of the walk those shoes would take.

A Cozy Dinner by Candlelight

The gifts could be a gift certificate to a romantic restaurant or the candles with a description of the dinner to come.

ACandlelight Picnic Under the Stars

The gifts could be a picnic hamper or even a tent with a description of the romantic evening to come.

Wine on a Rug in Front of the Fire

The gifts could be a bottle of wine, wine glasses, or even a soft area rug with a description of the night of the fire.

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Gifts and Gift Giving.

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Additional information about gifts and gift giving for men.


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