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Gifts from the Heart: A gift for Your Spouse

Gifts and Gift Giving: You give gifts to your spouse throughout the year. CyberParent’s suggestions for those gifts.

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Gifts and Gift Giving

Gifts for Your Spouseor Significant Other

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Gifts and the giving of gifts:CyberParent’s suggestions for spousal gifts or gifts for your significant other. Your gifts from the heart.

No matter what the occasion, you will be giving gifts throughout the year toyour spouse or significant other. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Write a love letter as a gift for him or her.

  • Cook special foods as gifts.

  • Plan special dates or week-ends as gifts.

  • Plan a year of special dates at one per month. Then keep those dates as gifts to him or her.

  • Learn to give a sensual massage for a gift that keeps on giving all year.

  • Plan a walk in the park or woods together.

  • Keep a stash of romantic cards on hand for a romantic gift in itself.

  • Learn how to make computer-generated cards for impromptu gifts.

  • Promises or IOUs for the future are welcome gifts. Just to remember to really follow through.

  • Plan wonderful Saturday or Sunday mornings in bed as gifts.

  • Plan a camping trip. A lazy week-end in the woods is a wonderful gift.

  • Adult toys.

Slow and Easy with the Gift-Giving

If this is a new romance or marriage, start off slow and take it easy. Ifyou break the bank on the first gift or two, what will you do for encore gifts?

Keep in mind that it is often the simple gifts or those gifts where yougive of your time and talents that are remembered for years…..

Your Spouse Is Searching for Gifts, Too

You are not the only one who is searching for gifts. Your significant other is,too. Make it easy on him/her. Drop a few hints for gifts for you. If you reallywant to know how to get presents you want, clickhere.

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Single?? Please click here.

Gifts and the giving of gifts.

Single?? Please click here.

Don’t Give Gifts You Want

Don’t give her season tickets to the local baseball team unless she is really afan. Same with him and opera tickets.

If you have suggestions for other gifts for significant others, pleasesend your gift suggestions here.Thank you.

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Gifts for Your Spouseor Significant OtherGifts from the Heart


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