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How Do You Know You Are Hearing Impaired? 

Grandparents and GrandkidsGardening

Involving Grandchildren in Your Garden

Involving Grandchildren in Composting

Starting the Garden with Grandchildren

Off tothe Garden Store

You Now Know You Have Impaired Hearing. What CanYou Do?


WhatCauses Your Hearing Difficulty?

Letters from Surfer Grandparents.

Grandparents as Mentors.

Time: There is Never Enough.

Grandparents’ Birthday Book: A Great (Free) Gift!

Grandparents Seeking Advice from Others.

What Did You Name Your Grandparents?

More Names of Grandparents.

EvenMore Names of Grandparents.

And MoreNames of Grandparents.


Grandparents’ visitation rights: Table of Contents.

Grandchild’s Right to Visitation.

Alternatives to court.

Going to court for visitation

If all else fails…

Divorce: You, your children, their children: 
Table of contents.

Grandchildren of Divorce Have Moral Rights.

Stepping In After Divorce.

When Your Children Divorce.

Camping with Grandkids: Table of Contents.

Make Your Home a Summer Camp.

Camping with Grandkids.

Checklist for Camping.

Table of Contents.

Open-Minded in Changing World.

Depression and Grandkids.

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Grandparenting and Aging Table of Contents.

Graceful Aging Starts Early.

Rules for Graceful Aging.

Reversing Heart Disease.

Avoiding Chronic Diseases.

Avoiding Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Osteoporosis, Diabetes.

Avoiding Cancer.

Stress and Aging.

Depression and Aging.

Rocking Chair and Aging.

Grandparents Using Time-Out for Discipline:
Table of Contents.

Timeout Defined.

Timeout Information.

Timeout Locations.

Timeout and Ages of Children.

Timeout for the Active Child.

To Grandfather’s House We Go: Table of Contents.

Nana’s & Poppy’s Week.

Activities for Kids at Grandparents’ Home.

Generation Gaps Live Again.

April Fool’s Letter to Grandkids.

Joy of Reading.

Bonding with Grandkids.

Value and Cultural Differences.

Getting Grandchildren to Obey Rules  at Your House.

Sharing Ideas: Staying in Touch.

When You Were Little…


Entertaining Visiting Grandchildren: Table of Contents for All Ages.

Grandkids Funtime: Ages 3-5.

Grandkids Funtime: Ages 5-8.

Grandkids Funtime: Ages 8-12.

Grandkids Funtime: Ages 12-15.

Grandkids Funtime: Ages 15 and up.

Grandkids & Frankenfoods
Table of Contents

What Is Genetic Engineering?

What Are Potential Benefits/Risks?

Promises and Realities of GMOs.

Environmental Concerns.

Grandparents Raising Grandkids: Table of Contents.

Role of Grandparent Raising Grandchild.

At Grandma’s House We Stay.

Grandparenting Advice

More Grandparenting Advice

Even More GrandparentingAdvice

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Links 2

Links 3

Links 4

Links 5

Grandparents andChildren’s Divorce: Table of Contents

Children of Divorce Have a MoralRight to Grandparents.

"We’re Getting aDivorce."

When Your Children Divorce.



Book Review:Grandloving.

Short BookReview: Grandloving.

Book Review:The New Face of Grandparents.

Short BookReview: The New Face of Grandparents.

Book Review: TheGrandparent Guide.

Short BookReview: The Grandparent Guide.


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