Have you ever been fooled on April Fool

AprilFool’s Day Is for Fun

Have you ever beenfooled on April Fool’s Day?You are not the only one. April Fool’s is not an official holiday but it iscelebrated in many countries in the world. A popular trick in Scotland was tosend people to find hen’s teeth or pigeon’s milk.What is foolish about that?

The early Englishsettlers of our country put signs on people’s backs that said "Kickme" or "Pinch me." Then they giggled and giggled when someonedid!Some put salt in the sugar bowl or sugar in the salt shaker.

Others tied astring to a wallet and placed it on the sidewalk. When someone bent over to pickup the wallet, they quickly pulled it away with the string. Then the person whobent over felt very foolish. He or she probably looked around to make certain noone was watching or laughing.

The point of AprilFool’s Day is to play "nice" jokes that make the jokester and thevictim laugh. "Mean" jokes and lies don’t count.Don’t let anyone fool you today. Better taste that sugar before you put it onyour cereal.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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