Book Grandloving Memory Short

Grandparenting and Loving: Grandchildren’s Memories.

Grandloving is a good book to own and agood book for making memories for your grandchildren.

Grandloving: Making Memories With Your Grandchildren

by Sue Johnson

Sit back, read a few pages, imagine your grandchildren participating, smiling, hugging, and bonding with you. Grandloving has what you need to make memories.

Memories are made at Grandma’s house. Family holidays, after-school care, week-end trips, and long vacations all give grandparents and grandchildren time to bond and have fun together or time to grow bored together.

This book of several hundred inexpensive projects and activities from many different families makes boredom nearly impossible.

Timeless ideas, new ideas, vacation ideas, after-school ideas, and long-distance grandparenting ideas are presented with an easy-to-use index and numerous illustrations. Reminders about child development, an extensive list of resources, and reviews of other books also add to the book’s versatility.

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