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Review of The New Face of Grandparenting

Grandparents and parents guide to workingtogether for the benefit of grandchildren.

Book Review by Jan Wilson

The New Face of Grandparenting… 
Why Parents Need Their Own Parents

by Don Schmitz

Solve potential generational child-raising issues before they start with this easy-reading  guide for parents and grandparents. Work together for the benefit of the children.

When a grandchild is born, the generation gap is often born anew with that child.

Involved grandparents have two choices:

1. Lend precious support to the parents of their grandchildren in today’s ever-changing family. 

2. Let the different perspectives on how to take care of the new grandchild result in friction and problems.

Don Schmitz airs potential problems, frictions, and challenges, then helps solve them before they start.

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One chapter includes the Ten Absolutes of Grandparenting. Another presenst tips on improving communication; another has the 4Ls of effective relationships: Loving, Laughing, Learning and Listening.

Each chapter ends with ideas/suggestions for parents, followed by ideas/suggestions for grandparents.  These gems of wisdom  help grow, then maintain, good relationships between the three generations. 

Many of the suggestions and ideas are basic commonsense, while others stem from the changes brought about by our modern world.

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Schmitz  gives advice for maintaining a strong family bond when members live great distances apart, stresses the  importance of preserving heritage and legacy, and carefully examines the role grandparents can play to help and support the new family in many situations.

This easy-to-read-and-understand book is filled  with humor and actual true life stories. It is an outstanding gift for grandparents to buy for new parents. Read it yourself, though, before you pass it on.

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Letters from Surfer Grandparents. Open-Minded in Changing World. April Fool’s Letter to Grandkids.
Grandparents as Mentors. Depression and Grandkids. Joy of Reading.
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Grandparents Seeking Advice from Others. Graceful Aging Starts Early. Getting Grandchildren to Obey Rules  at Your House.
What Did You Name Your Grandparents? Rules for Graceful Aging. Sharing Ideas: Staying in Touch.
More Names of Grandparents. Reversing Heart Disease. When You Were Little…
Grandchildren. Avoiding Chronic Diseases. Grandparenting.
Grandparents’ visitation rights: Table of Contents. Avoiding Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Osteoporosis, Diabetes. Entertaining Visiting Grandchildren:  Table of Contents for All Ages.
Grandchild’s Right to Visitation. Avoiding Cancer. Grandkids Funtime: Ages 3-5.
Alternatives to court. Stress and Aging. Grandkids Funtime: Ages 5-8.
Going to court for visitation Depression and Aging. Grandkids Funtime: Ages 8-12.
If all else fails… Rocking Chair and Aging. Grandkids Funtime: Ages 12-15.
Divorce: You, your children, their children: 
Table of contents.
Grandparents Using Time-Out for Discipline:
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Grandkids Funtime: Ages 15 and up.
Grandchildren of Divorce Have Moral Rights. Timeout Defined. Grandkids & Frankenfoods
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Camping with Grandkids: Table of Contents. Timeout and Ages of Children. Promises and Realities of GMOs.
Make Your Home a Summer Camp. Timeout for the Active Child. Environmental Concerns.
Camping with Grandkids. To Grandfather’s House We Go: Table of Contents. Grandparents Raising Grandkids: Table of Contents.
Checklist for Camping. Nana’s & Poppy’s Week. Role of Grandparent Raising Grandchild.
News. Activities for Kids at Grandparents’ Home. At Grandma’s House We Stay.

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