Checklist Camping Print

Print Checklist: Camping with Grandchildren.

Checklist forCamping

Personal Items: Distinctive Towels Distinctive Washrags Drawstring Dirty Clothes Bag Distinctive Personal Zippered Kit

Kit should contain: Toothbrush Toothpaste Comb Brush Shampoo Sunscreen Soap in Soap Dish Insect Repellent

Optional: Games/Cards Canteen Sports Bottle Swim Suit Camera/Film Mesh Bag for drying dishes Clothespins Beach towel Rafts and Water Toys Books/Magazines Life Jacket

Eating: Distinctive Mug Distinctive Bowl Distinctive Plate Distinctive Silverware

Clothing: Socks Shoes Underwear Long pants Short pants Long-sleeved shirts Short-sleeved shirts Hat Gloves/Mittens Jackets/Sweaters Heavy Coat Rain Gear Pajamas

Nighttime: Distinctive Flashlight Extra Batteries Sleeping Bag Pillow Blanket Sheets Pillowcases Foam Mat/Air Mattress Sleeping Comforts

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