Depression Grandkids

Depression and Grandchildren. Depression and Grandparenting: Learn the symptoms of depression to help your grandkids.


Depression and Your Grandkids.

By Joy Stevens

Children have somewhat different symptoms of depression than adults. What signals childhood depression? While all children experiencing family or personal problems exhibit some sadness and moodiness, those sad, helpless, or anxious feeling can also be depression.

Depression in children can be hard to diagnose in its early stages.That’s where grandparents come in: a second set of eyes so to speak.

Since children have somewhat different symptoms of depression than adults, what signals childhood depression?

1. Mood change: Gloomy, sad, unhappy, despairing, or hopeless feelings.

2. Change in appetite: Loss of interest in food or effortless weight loss is more common than overeating.

3. Sleep change: Regular problems with falling asleep–or wakening early without being able to go back to sleep–could signal depression.

4. Changes in school work.

5. Changes in socialization.

6. Overreacting to criticism.

7. Sexual promiscuity.

8. Delinquency.

9. Thoughts or threats of suicide.

10. Healthy, well child complaining of illness.

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11. Failure to enjoy activities previously enjoyed or exhibit general feelings of tiredness, listlessness or lethargy.

12. Changes in activity levels: Children may seem to be operating in slow motion or seem constantly jittery or agitated, even hyperactive.

No depressed child has all of the above symptoms but even one symptom deserves your attention.

Early diagnosis and treatment by professionals are essential to children who are experiencing depression.

Once your grandchild has experienced major depression, he or she is at risk of developing another depression in less than five years.

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