Grandchildren reared with different cultures, values from grandparents.

Grandchildren are often reared with differentcultures, values from grandparents. Your children and their spouses will combine values and cultures to rearyour grandchildren. Cultural/value differences exist. and decisions about culture/valuesare not yours to make regarding your grandchildren.


Cultural and Value Differences inGrandparents/Grandkids.


Grandchildren are often reared with different cultures, values from grandparents.

Different values and cultural differences are good for grandchildren and really none of grandparents’ concern.

Your children are not alone in how they choose to rear your grandchild. They have a spouse. They are part of a large group of aunts, uncles, and even other grandparents. You will almost certainly find cultural and value differences with the other aunts, uncles, and grandparents, to say nothing of the other parent. Sometimes those differences are small. But there can certainly be great variations in how children live, especially when different cultures and values are combined.

But bear in mind if children have lots of people who love them and care about them, it doesn’t matter if there are cultural or value variations in how these people live.

Actually diversity is healthy. Let’s take everyday dinners. My daughter’s in-laws are quite formal. They feed the children early and have them go to bed before the adults eat with linen, silver, and china.

This is certainly different from our family where children are welcomed at every meal and meals are usually buffet style on paper plates.

And very different from her brother-in-law’s home where meals are often in the back yard, children are swinging from the trees or playing on the table, eating whenever and wherever they wish, and everyone (except his very formal parents) is doing their own thing and loving it!

One son’s wife grew up in Asia. Her language, many of her customs, a few of her values and even her religion, are totally different from ours. Yet, we have all learned from each other and my grandchildren have the best of two worlds with combined cultures and values.


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